You can watch TV for free on including episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies. The Beverly Hillbillies was one of the most successful television sitcom’s of the 1960’s. The Beverly Hillbillies ran from 1962 until 1971 and had an audience of 60 million weekly at its peak.

The Beverly Hillbillies campy downhome style and humor was a real draw to audiences in rural areas. Jed Clampetts folksy wisdom, Granny’s folksy realism and Elle Mae’s sex appeal kept the audience coming back for more.

The Beverly Hillbillies Plot

Following the unexpected sale of their hardscrabble Bug Tussle property to the OK Oil Company for $25 million, the Clampetts become overnight millionaires. Jed Clampetts cousin pearl convinces Jed to move to Californy to the land of Movie Stars and swimmin pools. That’s how they became The Beverly Hillbillies.

Many episodes center around the Clampetts unorthodox approach to life in the big mansion, the big city and the big trouble that they engender. The Beverly Hillbillies move in next door to their banker Mr. Drysdale. The many adventures the Beverly Hillbillies have with the Drysdales lead to an awkward friendship that at times borders on the paranoid and at others borders on the psychotic.

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