Roast of Charlie Sheen: William Shatner

Here is my critique of Charlie Sheen’s Roast. This roast aired on the Comedy Central TV network. It aired at the same time as the new season of a Sheenless Two and a Half Men. Believe it or not, there was a funeral for Charlie in Two and a Half men that night.

Here are my thoughts, in print. It was decent at best. Honestly again, not that great. Although there were indeed a few funny moments. The cast was, in no particular order: Anthony Jeselnik, Steve-O, Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane, Kate Walsh, William Shatner, Amy Shumer, Jon Lovitz, Jeffrey Ross, and Iron Mike Tyson!

Not necessarily the dream team. I mean I never really heard of Amy Shumer, or Kate Walsh because I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, and, I mean, come on! And Iron Mike Tyson? Even more obscure is Anthony Jesenik. To make matters worse, he was the biggest douche to take the stage that night.

Amy Shumer was kind of a prick too. When I think funny, I think Mike Tyson. Sike. Lisp jokes on Tyson—how original. As for Mike Tyson, he wouldn’t shut up, he would interrupt people while it was their turn to roast, not his. Classy. Typical, uneducated Tyson. Like I said, there were a few funny jokes, like when Jeff Ross (I think) said, “How much blow did Charlie Sheen do?” “Enough to kill two and a half men.” I thought that was rich!

As for the most ridiculous moment of the night? Steve-O ran into Mike Tyson’s fist and broke his nose. Yeah, you heard right. Steve-O ran from across the room, Tyson just held his fist straight out, and Steve-O just dove face first into the fist. Why? Who the hell knows.

I have put a video clip at the top of this writing for you. Viewer discretion advised.

Overall, I grade the roast maybe a 6 or 7 out of 10. It simply was not that funny. Charlie Sheen is basically a nobody now. It’s kinda sad that Shatner, Jeselnik, and Amy Shumer were the best they could get. For real? Really? Losing!

The roastee Sheen had the best line: “I did what everyone else in America dreams of doing! I told my boss to [expletive]-off, and lived to tell about it!”So now, Charlie Sheen is like the rest of us. Down on his luck.

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